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Trudy's portfolio

This doll has a lot of effects! She has ten different hairstyles, six eye shadow colors, twelve lip colors in two styles, and four different lip colors.

For once, she has quite a few necklaces and accessories. This is a rare event, folks!

I admit though, she has only four pairs of shoes.

Trudy is another one of my favorite dolls. She is edited from Pamela and Janison (if you remove her hair, you'll see why) and she has lots and lots and lots of big gowns, which I used to love to draw. Anyhow, many of her gowns are inspired by period clothes

The purple gown to the right, the red, green, and brown gowns on the left are all mid 20-th century-ish and they are some of my favorites.

I started Trudy mainly as an experiment (just like Fern). I had just found the left-slash freehand tool (using a diagonal line to draw instead of a tiny dot) and these are some of the clothes as a result. I think it's kind of cute!

Yet at the drop of a hat, Trudy can transform from looking like an innocent girl to a *giggle* "young teenager trying to look like an adult so she can get into some bar." You can see the effect on the right.

I love the green outfit to the right; but the purple eyeshadow does look a little goth-y and a little overdone. Don't worry there's an even darker purple eyeshadow that she can apply, and believe-you-me, in that makeup, she looks .... pretty .... scary.

Well, to sum this all up, I love Trudy ^.^ Especially since I doubt I can ever draw those gowns again.