OK, I'm going to keep my Serena doll as accurate as possible to the "real" thing.

Any clothing ideas or requests that you would like to see? E-mail me and tell me! I'd love to know!

Serena Tsukino
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Her hands are NOT finished, and neither is her face or her feet.

This is going to be a solely Moni-chan project, at least for now.

All of this was drawn entirely in Paintbrush :)

I'm not finished outlining her body either, but I couldn't resist drawing some clothes for her. I've always been too timid to do a Sailormoon doll, because she is my fav anime character, and I wanted to do her justice. And, I could never draw her at all. But the hair looks a lot better than I expected it to look. The pose is borrowed off of a pose from Hotaru. And NO, her hands are not finished.

I'm also trying to recolor her eyes, but that's hard, so it will take time.

Some outfits I will do:

- school uniform

- wedding gownS

- sailor uniformS ( I hate drawing those)

- princess and neo-queen gowns

- I've seen her wear a lot of nice stuff in different pictures over the internet, and I'll try to do those.

- that gorgeous gown from Prince Diamond

- your suggestions?