Where did I come up with such demented names for these two dolls? (The names themselves are fine, but put them together, and they sound pretty gross).

Well, I didn't. These two beautiful names were the product the of plentiful imagination of Mer-chan (the freak in general, not just for shoes, though she really is a shoe-freak).

Don't blame me. Blame her!! ^.^

Actually this doll was the birth of cute cute cute shirts with cute cute pictures on them!

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Pamela and Janison are two best friends who model to feed their stomachs. That sounds really demented. Ah well.

There are a lot of long gowns, though few are of the ball gown type. Most are long and slender-fitting, and rather white in color. I don't know but there seems to be a lot of white when I look at this set.

A few ball gowns inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Snow White grace this set, but they look pretty terrible, unless she's wearing it.

If you're wonder about the lack of shading, be reminded that this is really an early early doll of mine, so I didn't really know much about shading back then. I'm not changing it. Don't even think about it.

Casual clothes are a plenty, since models do have a lot of money to buy quality clothes.

The green luminescent top has a texture copied from a barbie top and the pale pink pants were inspired by Mariah Carey's Butterfly CD. I have no clue why, since her pants are gold. The style is kind of similar though.

I used to think she was really pretty. But now, her waist looks really really thin to me.

It's a cute style, but I don't think I can draw this way anymore, after I passed that phase of doll-making.