Ok, no mermaid thail, but I think these two pics are pretty nice ^,^

Any clothing ideas or requests that you would like to see? E-mail me and tell me! I'd love to know!

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She has hands!!! I'm so happy ^,^

These pics are drawn by me entirely ^.^


All of this was drawn entirely in Paintbrush :)

I think the current plan is to finish the clothes and colorations by Friday, or latest Saturday morning.

Then there's going to be one week for Fkiss, etc, all the technicalities.

We're hoping to release this doll within the next week and a half ^.^ Let's keep our hands crossed!


This new doll is going to be a joint effort between Mer-chan and I. She will do most of the shoes and some clothes, and I will do most of the other stuff, like hair, clothes, makeup, shading.

I think this light green gown is nicer than the foamy one, but maybe not. It's just my preference ^.^

What do you think? E-mail me!