Katy is not one of my favorite dolls, but she is the favorite of many people I know.

I really like her figure, and her legs are a model's dream, but besides that, I think I despise her because I forgot to shade in her hair. There are only two or there decent looking ones. The nicest big big flowing hair was not drawn by me.

First things first. Katy Keene is property of Archie comics. The dress she is wearing on the left is indeed a Katy original (or so I tried to imitate). It's quite beautiful, if not just a little short ;)

Other gown inspirations came from ...... barbies. Some of their evening gowns are absolutley incredible!

She blinks, her hair changes, her eyes/lips change, and that's it, I think!

Katy Keene's Portfolio

As to why I started this doll; it was actually another experimentation project.

Katy was the doll I used to learn about using textures in making clothing. As you can see on the left, there are a whole bunch of textured gowns that she looks rather "fantastic" in. She is a model, after all, so she must have loads and loads of such clothes.

Most of the textures were taken from tiny pictures of dresses I found around the web. I copied those into paintbrush and expanded and edited them (a lot). All in all, it taught me a lot about texture usage. Textures are great!

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Casual clothes? Katy's "normal" clothes are catchy and flashy and some are very high-class.

I love her white dress, because the grey words ("light") gives the dress such a light and silky feel to them.

The dress on the right is my favorite non-big gown of all time. My other favorite is the red polka-dotted one from my Ami doll.

Most people think I'm crazy to like this dress so much, but for some reason, I adore it. The mustard yellow and the black, to me, are perfect together.

I think I really like it because the color combinaton is very unusual and atypical.