Karalyn's little Portfolio

There are a lot of recolored clothes in Karalyn, but that's OK, because the colors are nice and pastel-ly.

There are cute little FKiss animated accessories; just click on them.. The mug steams by itself, though the calculator is by far, my favorite.

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This little tropical looking number is one of my favs for Karalyn. I really like her geometric shirt (they were supposed to be maple leaves), and the matching of the light orange and darker orange. The off-shoulder provides a nice portion of skin

One minute, a tropical girl. The next minute, a witchy fortune teller.

She does look rather mysterious, and I think the hair really looks like that o a high-class fortune teller.

She is telling you right now, to stare into her eyes, and listen to what she has to say.

Stare into her eyes. Aren't they rather creepy when they don't blink?

I like to think of her as a more grown up version of Cass, i.e. Cass ventured out into the world of fame and fortune and got all these nice clothes.

I think it's really her hair styles that make her some more mature than Cass, because the latter's hairstyles were very young (ponytail, no long long hair) looking. Karalyn has a lot of long long hair ^.^

Karalyn has quite a few little Fkiss effects, such as this shimmering dress. It really shimmers and sparkles happily.

Besides this pink sparkly dress (my favorite outfit on her), there is another sparkly red dress that was once worn by Betty in the Archie comics.

I'm using very light pinks as the basis for this page, because, Karalyn really was my second doll, and I had just started to learn more about KISSing. She's very juvenile, but when I look back at her, she's very refreshingly simple. At least, compared to things I draw now ^.^

Again, I doubt I'll ever be able to draw in that style again, so she will always remain as a fond memory of my past :)

Other Fkiss effects; many different hair styles, some lip color changes, she blinks. I don't think her eye color changes, but I don't quite remember.