No Fkiss, since this is a beta.
Asuka Chieri's Unfinished Portfolio

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This doll was recommended to me by an e-mail buddy. I had seen some pictures of her, and fell in love with the storyline on the spot.

It's very romantic, and tells the tale of Chieri who is a great amateur figure skater, but eventually tries to become the champion female skater.

She goes through a lot of learning and pain while training with the help of some other guys, and I really wished I could honor her with a great kiss set.

It's not nearly as great as I hoped it would be, mainly because of the non-definite lines, but it's OK, for a beta.

This doll is not finished!!! I will not be finishing it, and that's that.

Really, I even used paintshop pro to color her, and shade her in. The result was gorgeous, but it really took a lot of time and energy, so I decided to work on other stuff.

I seem to remember that there was another beta of this doll ... was there?

I hope there wasn't, because I don't have it.

Lots of shoes! Lots and lots of shoes, and yet they still don't match with all the clothes.

That's ok.

I made these shoes mainly to prove to myself that I realy could draw shoes if I wanted to.

Dolls after this did not have many shoes, because I absolutely despise drawing shoes!

I think you've probably figured that out by now... ^.^

In the manga, the Cherry Project, Chieri is a figure skater. That's why I decided to make so many skating uniforms for her.

The green one was edited, but not drawn by me. The others are. The blue and light pink outfits are designs mainly based on the originals.