Cass's Portfolio



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Cass is short for Cassandra, a name that I happened to especially like at the time I made this doll.

She was my first doll, and though she is simple, there is always a special place in my heart reserved for her.

There are a few sets, such as work clothes, beach clothes,normal clothes, and of course evening gowns. The last set is a wedding gown, because I really liked the way Dov (at the Big Kiss Page) put the wedding gown last in his Cinder doll.

I used to have a little story about her, but I really don't have one anymore, because she is such a simple little doll.

Karalyn and Karalyn2 are based on the same doll. She really is kind of cute, if not anorexic, and with some minor aterations, I might make her into a pretty template. It's not impossible. ^.^

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I really loved her evening gowns when I made them. There's no shading, but hey, I'd never drawn with paintbrush in my life before this doll. I was pretty pleased with the attempt, anyhow.

Her gowns are copied from my old paperdoll clothes (that I made myself). They don't look nearly as nice as they do on paper, but some gowns are cute

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Whoo, are we ready to party or what!

Night-rider Cass, only a lot less showy than that other night-rider ...

I still like this outfit, even though it's been many years since I'd last seen it. It's cute and very office typical ^.^

If you haven't yet noticed, her feet are very typical. I think I couldn't draw feet at the time, and after being inspired by various other feet before me (perhaps Emby Quinn?), I decided that these feet would be very easy to draw shoes for. I didn't and still don't like shoes :)