It's funny that two of my fav outfits for Cancy are both black and white (below). The left one looks like she's going to a classy 40's party, and the right looks like wierd modern invention.
Oh well, I like them tho .


Cancellina's Profile


Cancellina wasa a request by a comic writer from Italy. I've since then lost his e-mail and ICQ and his webpage, oops. She's from to his cartoon Two Idiots and a Psycho, tho she doesn't look anything like this.


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Fkiss in this set seemed rather extensive, for me, anyway. As you can see from above, there are different hair styles, and then clicking the hair will change its color (still keeping its style).

She only has light eye-shadow, because dark colors are seriously creepy (see Trudy's eye makeup). I rather like her lips, they're so pouty without being as over-pouty as Trudy.

Ok, she as maybe five pairs of shoes. ^.^

This is the jacket. My jacket. My favorite slick red rain-jacket of all time. Really.

It looked gross when I drew it, and it looked gross when I first colored it. But after a while, it just seemed to look better and better. I don't know how I drew it, so I doubt I'll be able to draw anything like that later on.

Ah well, I still like to look at it while I can.

(The real Cancellina has this hairstyle, but in blonde).

Her clothes are really simple, for once. She was one of my earlier dolls, so I didn't really know how to shade back then.

I like her for her simple clothes, though. All the clothes on the right are simple, but they look pretty good to me, for some reason or another.

Cancy doesn't look that great in huge ballgowns, perhaps because her original character really wore t-shirt and shorts :)